Friday, May 13, 2011

Pag-ibig Records Consolidation

I am a Filipino who was born and raised in the province. Eventually, I got to work in Manila then moved to my province then to another city then to Manila. I've moved from one company to another and for this reason, I've had several records with different companies.

The exciting part is (or should I say, challenging?)... Pagibig, unlike SSS, does not have a centralized system. It means, they could not access your records in another place. You have to literally have to go from one place to another.

So, in my case, since I've moved to 3 different places while working, means, my records are all scattered in all those 3 places.

Last December, I thought of availing of a loan. When I went there, it became hard for me to trace the office that will serve me. I went from the so-called Makati II Office, then to Makati III office although I must say that the Pagibig employees are accommodating and sincere in assisting. They even accommodated me beyond 5pm. I was asked to update my records and so I did. I also submitted my loan application form and was told that once all my records have been consolidated, they can process my application. I was asked to come back or follow up after 3 weeks. Since December is a busy month, I was not able to follow it up.

Come end of January 2011, I started thinking if my loan has been approved. So, I went there hopeful that my records are now ok because more than 3 weeks has passed. I learned all my records are now ok so all my data is now in Manila! Yahooo!! Finally. haha. After 13 years!


This time I found out that I was only granted 9K plus loan. SO i asked why since I've borrowed twice this amount before. The person assisting me said, one Pagibig branch took off my loan payments from my contributions because my loan was not paid by one of my companies! I'm still thinking, for as far as I know, all my companies deducted me in their records... hmmm. gotta find out.

So the only way to do this is to contact my previous companies to give me a certification that I had a loan but was deducted of payments and was transmitted to Pagibig. I'm done with two. My problem is one, where they no longer have my records!!! :( They've asked pagibig in that area and apparently, my records are already with the international group or something? |o how can I now fix my records? hmmm. :)

I am working on this till now, so I will post the update and outcome in my next blog. Please pray I can fix it!


  1. Hi, I just read your blog. I'm not sure though if we have the same situation. I have worked with different BPO's since 2005 form one company to the other. Now that I'm not getting younger anymore (though I still look young) I'm thingking of applying for a housing loan. My problem is that, since December of 2011 I resigned and went back home to the province. Now, I don't know where to start consolidating my funds. I've worked in Ortigas, and Makati, Mandaluyong as well as Taguig form the entire 6 years. Now, do I have to go to each pag ibig branhes to consolidate my contributions? Now, I'm in the province with my family and been working still as a CSR but it's now a home based account. NOw I have missed almost 8months because the company that I'm working for does'nt pay those contributions since this is a home based account. Can I pay in advance? say, the whole 1 yr instead of just paying the 8 months that I've missed? and do I necessarily go to all the branches of pag ibig that I've worked with just to consolidate the contributions so I can avail the housing loan? Thank you. I will appreciate your response. Hope you could help me on this matter.

    1. Hi, Kirk!
      Thanks for reading through my blog about pag-ibig records update. As of this point, consolidated na lahat ng records ko, meaning they have been connected to one another and my records from the different Pag-ibig offices have now been transferred to Makati, where my new company's account is being serviced.

      I am quite sure that you need to fill out the membership form data and submit it the Pag-ibig office. Now, however, the requirement is, you should have a company that is deducting you contributions so that the new Pag-ibig office handling your companies account will use as a basis for the reason of transferring your account.

      I am assuming now that you could either go to the nearest Pag-ibig office you could find and ask for help re your records. That is the best way/approach so that you get the proper guidance re consolidation of your records. It might also be that you will have to go to your latest company's servicing branch (the last company you had your Pag-ibig contribution deduction.

      I also think you can still avail of the housing loan even without consolidating your accounts, but it is better to consolidate your records for practicality and also for you to get the maximum benefit from Pag-ibig, as much as possible.

      As for the missed 8 months contribution, sorry, I am not really familiar as to how that gets handled. I'm sure, a Pag-ibig personnel will be able to clarify this matter. Hope this helps, wish you all the best!